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there will be no white flag upon my door

you will never break me

1 July
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안녕 !

My name is Sweetie.
(People also call me Mei, Elle, Lilith.)

I like lollipops, color, music, photos, jewelry, hair,
noise, hands, trees, fashion, paint, dancing,
piano, flowers, pop stars, apples, singing.

I like to make friends and learn about other people. I'm curious by nature.
Not going to lie though, I don't like friend's requests.
I'm shy and usually keep to myself.
Once I warm up though, people tell me that I'm snarky, sarcastic, but can still be a sweetie.

I like to make people smile.
I like to see people laugh.
I like to capture happy moments with my camera.

I study Japanese (VI) and Mandarin (II) in school.
I've been learning Korean (on accident.)

I want to be a photographer.
I want to be a teacher.
I want to be a writer.
I want to be a dancer.
I want to be a singer.
I want to be a pianist.
I want to be a painter.
I want to be a pop star.
I want to be a cartoonist.
I want to be a guitarist.
I want to be a fashion designer.
I want to be a flutist.
I want to be a director.
But I'm glad just being me for now.

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